New Fragrance Oils Collection

The entire collection of all eight new fragrances available in our six standard sizes

  • Dippy Tuberose
  • Juicy Strawberry
  • Lavender Marshmellow
  • Moroccan Sunset
  • Passionfruit Martini
  • Sweet Blueberry
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Vetiver & Grapefruit

From: £28.80

fragrances collection
New Fragrance Oils Collection


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Please see individual product listings for corresponding technical documents
Each oil has it's own 'IFRA Certificate' which confirms the percentage, of that specific oil, that is safe to use in various products. Please see ‘TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS’ tab (above) for the IFRA Certificate, Safety Data Sheet, Allergen Report and CLP Guidance Notes. Always check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and follow Safe Handling precautions.

Our oils are professional grade oils, designed and manufactured in the UK to our own high-quality specifications. Suitable for use in a wide range of products, although most of our customers use them to create products for home fragrance and products for bath and body use. We sell our oils, exactly we buy them from our manufacturers. They are 100% neat and never diluted or changed in any way, so you can be sure you will receive excellent quality oils, which in turn, will help you manufacture excellent quality products.

Please note: We sell our oils in grams and not millilitres. Some oils are dense and heavy, other oils are less dense and lighter. This means that some oil bottles will be fuller than others. Fragrance oils can behave differently in different bases and waxes, so we always recommend you purchase the smallest bottle you need to carry out your own testing, to ensure you are happy with the scent and the results. Oasis Oils Ltd is not affiliated with any other company or brand.
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